Getting Started

Getting Started

Times are changing and so are the steps in which we need to follow to start to race.   So, if you have raced in the past, you will find the process very different.

Hartwell cater for riders from as young as 9 years old to at present our oldest competing rider is 86.  So, if you fit in these parameters, you are in!

Firstly, you need to be a financial member of an MA (Motorcycling Australia) affiliated club to become eligible to obtain a race licence.

Once you are a financial member it is a matter of jumping onto the MV (Motorcycling Victoria) website and logging into Ridernet.  Ridernet can be found at the top of the M.V. website screen.  If you have difficulties navigating through Ridernet you can contact them directly on the phone number that appears on your screen when logging in.  At some point during the process, you will be asked for a membership number.  Hartwell do not have membership numbers, so just put in any number you like, and you will be able to gain access past this point.

If you try to obtain a licence without obtaining a membership, the club will be sent an email straight away saying that “John Brown” has nominated Hartwell as his club and should this not be the case then we inform MV, and they will then suspend the licence until your membership has been satisfied.

Before you start racing there are a few steps, recommendations and responsibilities that you need to take.  Hartwell recommend that you participate in track and coaching days before you race.  This will gain you invaluable experience in learning the circuits that are around the country, gain and built your skill level and riding with different people will also hone your skills.  Seeking the experience of coaches to give you helpful hints and tips can make the difference between falling off and staying on.

You don’t need a race licence to do ride days/practice days.  You can obtain a Recreational Licence usually available at the track at the time of entry.  Just check before with the track before entering.  A Recreational Licence should cost around the $30 and will only last for that day.

At Hartwell we pride ourselves on looking after our riders whether they are new or have been riding for years.  We have coaches, tyre technicians, suspensions specialists and scrutineers always at hand to help out and answer your questions.  There is no charge for their advice and expertise, you just have to ask.  Don’t be surprised if they come to you to offer assistance also.  We all watch each other and lend a hand willingly.  We also encourage our members to speak freely and to not be shy asking.

Once you have your race licence, technically speaking you are able to enter a race meeting, however, before you do you need to familiarise yourself with the “MoMS” – Manual of Motorcycle Sport (available for download from the M.A. website).

These MoMS cover all the rules associated with racing motorcycles. It covers all disciplines from Road Racing to Motorcross, Trials etc. etc. They cover general competition rules, code of conduct, insurance, licencing, offences, protests and appeals, administration etc.  You must read at a minimum the discipline that you wish to compete in plus the general competition rules.   It is your responsibility to know the rules before you compete.

Also, before you compete you will find an entry comes with Supplementary Regulations.  You must read these also as it pertains to the specific race meeting that you are entering and may contain vital information regarding the meeting.    You will sign many forms saying that you have read and understood these rules and will abide by them, so please take the time and read them.

To Summarise:

  1. Do some practice/ride days first (on a Rec. Licence)
  2. Join a club
  3. Read your rules
  4. Log onto Ridernet and obtain your Race Licence (approx. $300)
  5. Fill out an entry form and forward to a club
  6. Turn up to the race meeting and have a blast!
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