Welcome to the Hartwell Motorcycle Club, established in 1931 and a membership base around the 500 mark and still going strong.  Predominantly a road racing club and catering for racers from as young as 9 to currently 86 years of age.  The club is run by the club and full of fun and passionate people.  Several of our oldest active members are in their nineties and their passion still shines bright for this club which is a testament to the calibre of riders that stay within the club.

We have a large junior base and it is great to see these youngsters progress and grow in to great young adults who have learned great responsibility and respect not only for their machinery but their peers.  This sport has many rules and regulations to abide by and our juniors do so with ease and show a great keenness to learn.  Many parents wish they would have the same keenness with their homework!   

Classes include, Novices, Non-Experts, Experts, Juniors, Historic, Sidecars, Modern and Supermoto  If you have a bike we are sure we will have a class for it.

With a fun and friendly atmosphere, professionally run events, Club Coach and Scrutineers to give you tips and be available to answer your questions and help with every bike aspect. 

Normally we run a 5 round series plus a Seniors race meeting for those riders ages 45 years and older.  We have run at the S.M.S.C. at Broadford, Phillip Island, Winton and Mac Park (which is at Mount Gambier S.A.)

Once per year we honour one of our founding members Colin Sampson by running a trials event.   This is a very low key, no experience necessary and bring your happy face event!  It is more of a social event where we remember Col, have a BBQ lunch and watch a bunch of riders  navigate a course of hills and logs in the bush in a controlled environment with many to cheer them on.  One not to miss.

If you have any questions about entering into this sport we are only a phone call or email away, so please don’t hesitate to take that step.  We are here to help with any questions.   There is never any hard sell, where  genuine enthusiasm is in abundance and a willingness to share the excitement that this wonderful sport where camaraderie is at its peak is on offer.

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