Club Permit

Club Permit

Since 2013 the Hartwell Club have facilitated the Club Permit Scheme for our members.  The need was there and once the correct paperwork was in place we soon aided our members in registering their vehicles and bikes.  As a member you are not required to attend meeting or expected to carry out any duties within the club.  However,  we do expect you to abide by the rules so as to not jeopardise this excellent facilities for others.

The Club Permit Scheme enables you to register your car/bike for road use for a fraction of the price of full registration.  For example to register a car these days would cost around the $700/800 mark.  To register a 25 year old (or older) bike or car for a 45 day permit will cost around $74 or a 90 day permit around $150.  This just means you are only able to drive/ride it 45 days per year or 90 days per year.  A great way to keep our old engines going and enjoy their history as we drive/ride.

All we require if you just want to use this facility is a Social membership (see membership section for details) and we also require you to familiarise yourself with your responsibilities of having the benefit of such a permit.

Responsibilities and obligations of club permit holder

Club permit holders must:

  • ensure that the vehicle is only used for private use and is not used for commercial use
  • ensure they are familiar with their particular club’s requirements for club permit holders
  • ensure they are familiar with the log book requirements
  • maintain their vehicles in a manner which ensures that the vehicle is in a ‘safe’ condition for use on a highway
  • present their vehicle for periodic safety checks if prescribed by their club, or in the case of street rods, if prescribed by the Australian Street Rod Federation
  • maintain financial membership of the club at all times whilst holding a club permit
  • ensure that the log book and permit is carried in the vehicle at all times the vehicle is in use
  • ensure that the number plate(s) and windscreen label as issued by us are correctly displayed on the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is in use.

Driving on a club permit

  • A club permit vehicle may be driven by anyone (including learner permit holders) who holds the applicable licence category for the vehicle, unless legally as a ‘driver under instruction’
  • For motorcycles, the E licence condition for LAMS restrictions applies.

Victorian probationary licence holders may drive a vehicle on a club permit provided that:

  • the vehicle has not been modified to increase the vehicle’s performance (other than a modification made by the manufacturer in the course of the manufacture of the vehicle)
  • the probationary licence is applicable to the category of vehicle.

Towing a vehicle with a club permit

  • Vehicles being driven on a club permit may tow a trailer/caravan, providing it is registered, or operating on its own club permit or unregistered vehicle permit.
  • All normal towing limits and restrictions apply (e.g. towing restrictions for P1 probationary licence holders or motorcycle licence holders within the first three years of holding the licence).

Use of Victorian club permit vehicles interstate

  • Club permit vehicles may be driven throughout all states and territories provided that the vehicle complies with Victorian requirements for the holding of the club permit.

Use of interstate club permit vehicles in Victoria

  • A person may use a vehicle temporarily in Victoria if it has a permit issued interstate, and is observing the conditions of that registration or permit.
  • The vehicle must have third party insurance cover in its home state or Transport Accident cover issued in Victoria.

Renewing with no changes

If you receive your renewal for your club permit in the mail and don’t wish to change your period of days, you must:

  1. Provide your club/association with the club permit renewal for your vehicle. The renewal must then be signed by an authorised officer of the club/association to declare that you are a current member of that particular club/association. Authorised officers include:
  • permit scheme officer.

Note: a club safety officer/scrutineer cannot sign a renewal unless they are also nominated as one of the above positions.

  1. The club permit renewal must then be signed by the club permit holder.
  1. Attend any VicRoads Customer Service Centre to pay the renewal fee, or mail the renewal to VicRoads with a cheque or money order to:

GPO Box 1644

A club permit will be cancelled if not renewed within 90 days of the expiry date.

Forms Required from Vic Roads: Club Permit Application

Vehicle Eligibility & Standards Declaration for club Permit Vehicles

Procedure to register your vehicle:

So you have made decision to register your vehicle/bike.  5 simple steps are required.

1st        You will need to have a membership with our club.

2nd        You will need to fill out the two forms from Vic Roads as described above

3rd        You will need a road worthy from a licenced mechanic

4th        We require dated photographs of the vehicle: each side, back front, instruments showing speedometer and numbers eg. vin, engine etc.

Once you have all of these you can present your paperwork to the club to be signed and then you forward or present yourself to an office of Vic Roads for processing.  It is not necessary to present your vehicle.

For a one stop shop Hartwell Life Member and former racer David Andersen runs a mechanical shop with his son Matt, for cars and bikes in Bayswater.  Both Dave and Matt are licensed Roadworthy dealers and are able to accept memberships and sign your Vic Roads forms. 

For an appointment call Andersen Mechanical, 2/2 Barry Street, Bayswater PH: 9720 8290 during business hours (not available Mondays).

Or you can call the Hartwell office and we can arrange membership and signatures for your forms.

Our office will be open on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 7pm for Red Plate signatures, please attend during these days and times, Factory 2, 57 Power Road, Bayswater Vic 3153.

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