Due to the ongoing global pandemic and government restrictions, The physical Hartwell office will be closed from 26/3/2020 until further notice. All calls will be redirected to the Hartwell Mobile and will be answered as soon as possible. Emails will be answered as per normal.

For all those members that need forms signed for their club registered vehicles, please post them in and the mail will be collected weekly. The address is PO Box 2023, Bayswater Vic 3153. Normal Contact Details will be as usual and monitored as usual. Click here for contact page

To all of our members please heed to the warnings given for your safety and the safety of others around you.

We look forward to a bumper season when we are all up and running again. So while you are at home take the time to repair and shiny up those trusty steeds and get ready to burst out when the time comes.

Take care from all at Hartwell.

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